Makeup Monday: Lauren


Since I don’t have freckles myself and haven’t really worked with freckled skin before, I was back and forth a bit about what to do. “Do I use full coverage foundation and cover them up or do I let them shine through?” As I considered this, I asked Lauren if she had a particular look she would like me to do and thought I would base my decision on whatever she requested. She shocked me by saying that she doesn’t ever wear makeup and I could do whatever I wanted! I see Lauren fairly regularly because my babysits my girls and there have been many occasions that I assumed she had makeup on because she’s so beautiful! BUT NOPE! She’s just a natural beauty!

So based on the fact that she doesn’t regularly wear makeup, I decided to go pretty light handed. I wanted to enhance her features and add warmth and glow, but she was going to a concert that night and I wanted her to feel comfortable. I wanted her to wear the makeup, not for the makeup to wear her, ya know? I LOVE how everything turned out.

Before & After:


Here’s what I did:

1) Mixed IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair and Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation in LN3 and applied all over with a Morphe Beauty Sponge.
2) Concealed her under eyes with Too Faced Concealer in Almond and Colourpop No Filter Concealer (unsure of the shade-I think it’s Fair Neutral??).
3) Set the under eye with Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder and with what was left on the brush I tapped around the areas where I would add more powder products (bronzer, blush, etc). This helps take the tackiness from the foundation so the other powders apply more smoothly.
4) I bronzed the high points of the face using the Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula in Light (top of the forehead & cheekbones).
5) For highlight, I applied a mixture of Mary Lou-minizer by theBalm and Cargo Bronze on the tops of the cheek bones, a little on the tip of the nose and chin.
6) I used Tarte Majesty (a light peachy tone) for blush to keep things warm.
7) For her eyes, I wanted to keep it warm and natural. I wanted it to be a subtle gradient from lighter on the inner corner to darker on the outer corner. I used the same Butter Bronzer in her crease as a transition shade (more info on transition colors coming soon!) and the Cargo Bronze highlight all over the lid. Then from the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe, I used Creamsicle (lower crease), Buns (outer corner), Beam (inner corner and right under her brows) and Central Park (used as eyeliner across the top and halfway along the lower lashes). As usual, I used Essence 18 hr Volume Mascara on her top lashes and Pixi Lower Lash mascara on the bottom lashes.
8) I filled in her brows with Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Definer in Taupe.
9) For lips, I applied Tarte Lip Gloss in Exposed.

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