Five for Friday!

Happy weekend, y’all!

This week (specifically Wednesday) has been a doozy with my girls. I read something about a three day full moon and I’m convinced that was the cause of the madness. Nearly every other mom I’ve talked to has had far more than their usual frustrations with their kiddos, so if you’ve had a rough week, you are not alone!!

Elliot and I are headed to the Coastal Carolina Fair tonight and I’m so excited! I have never been before and I’m beyond ready for a deep fried Oreo or Snickers…or both. I know, I know, I’m generally a low carb girl, but you gotta live a little! Walker Hayes is also playing and I’m so excited to see him live. He’s definitely one of my favorites…and that jaw line…oh my lawd!

Here’s what I have been looking at this week!

Beauty :: As you might have watched on my Instagram stories, I’ve been slowly changing all of my skincare over to Dermalogica. The products are pricey, so it’s been a gradual switch over the last couple of months, but I am loving the way they work with my skin. I have some wrinkles on my forehead that bother me (my 30th birthday is in two weeks…*silent sobs*), so I’ve been considering getting a chemical peel as opposed to going the Botox route to see how much it would lift them. I shopped around and found that the prices were a little steep for my budget considering the holidays are coming up ($150-200+), so I put that idea on hold. Well, I happened to stumble upon this new at home peel kit from Dermalogica. With my professionals discount, it was only $109 and it came with 10 peel treatments, a full size moisturizer with spf 50 and a travel sized cleanser and hydrating toner. It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I did the first peel last night and my first impression is that it is an incredible product. My skin feels like a baby’s butt today and my wrinkles are actually already improved and I’ve only done the first treatment! Crazy! I can’t wait to finish all 10 treatments over the next several weeks and give you guys a full review with before and after pictures.

Food :: I am a straight sucker for pizza, so when I started eating low carb/keto, I wondered if there was a way I could still indulge in one of my favorite treats without over doing it on the carbs. Enter Fat Head Pizza Crust. With a mixture of cheeses and almond flour and only your microwave, you can create a thin crust pizza dough that will definitely satisfy your cravings without going crazy with carbs. Give it a try!

Fashion :: I am one of those people who loves a lot of current fashion trends on OTHER PEOPLE, but I am always at least a year or two behind actually jumping on board. I hold back for way too long and then once I decide to go for it, I love it and I’m mad at myself that I didn’t go for it sooner. That’s definitely what I did with the ankle boot trend. Yes, I know they’ve been in style for like…4 or 5 years now, but I was a riding boot kind of girl for so long. I was afraid that ankle boots wouldn’t balance out my lower half the way that riding boots do. I still don’t know if they do create the same sort of balance, but I love ankle boots just the same. I especially like pairs that have a little bit of a heel to give me some height and I have been eyeing this affordable pair for a while now.

Home :: I got my hair done yesterday and my stylist, Kameron, has just moved to a brand new salon (Salon on Main in Moncks Corner for all of you local gals!) and I was in LOVE with these mirrors that they had on the wall. They’re from Kirklands and super affordable considering how large they are and I am trying to find a place in my house where I can put one or two.

Random//Miscellaneous :: If you’re looking for toddler girl jeans, look no further than Old Navy. They carry skinny jeans, jeggings and boyfriend jeans for toddlers that are affordable, stretchy and have buttons inside the waistband to adjust them. They also have great sales pretty much daily, so if they’re not on sale today, look next week and they probably will be. I got the girls these yesterday and they look so adorable on them! I want to go back and get another pair in a pretty fall color. I’ll probably get maroon because…Gig em.

Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy some pretty fall weather this weekend! Have a great one!

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